CENSORED: In Northern Ireland, "YouTube has come under fire for removing some videos featuring loyalist band parades from its website,” reports the BBC.

LONG READ: Wired covers how pro-eating disorder communities avoid moderation on sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.

CENSORED: The video game distributor Steam shifts policy to “allow everything” not illegal or “straight up trolling” on its game store after a high-profile controversy, reports Forbes.

SPEECH!:  Vloggers speak out against YouTube’s inconsistent enforcement of policies concerning cannabis-related content, reports High Times.


More reads:

  • “Gambling channels are the latest victims of YouTube’s arbitrary moderation process,” reports The Atlantic.
  • Daphne Keller, Director of Intermediary Liability at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, writes about the unintended consequences of social media companies policing users’ speech at the Hoover Institution.
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