• Facebook’s AI is reporting more photos as offensive content than human flaggers or content moderators, according to a report from TechCrunch.

  • Twitter is facing challenges policing hate speech on the platform, particularly the use of ‘echoes’ by anti-Semitic hate speech groups. Twitter issued new rules of conduct in January, and relies heavily on user reports to enforce them.

  • Facebook has apologized after censoring a meme about convicted rapist Brock Turner. The censorship appears to have stemmed from internal confusion over whether or not Turner is a public figure.

  • @DarthPutinKGB is back after being temporarily suspended by Twitter. The popular parody account now uses the name “Darth Putin” rather than “Vladimir Putin” in compliance with Twitter’s rules banning impersonation.

In other news:

  • Writer Kristine Solomon asks: "Why does the internet hate plus-size people?"


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