SPEECH!: new report from ProPublica shows that Facebook’s secret rules protect white men—but not black children—from hate speech

USER NOT FOUND: Twitter suspended the accounts of @thefader and other music publications allegedly following a barrage of copyright claims about content from the BET Awards and NBA Awards.

LONG READ: Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube have launched a new partnership aimed at combating terrorism.

CENSORED: Vietnam and Thailand are putting pressure on Google and Facebook to curb hate speech and fake news, reports the Straits Times.


  • An opinion piece from the Bangkok Post speaks against censorship in Thailand; authorities have recently appealed to social media sites to censor a range of content, including Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”.

  • In an opinion piece published by The Hill, Mark Epstein asks “Should government ‘outsource’ censorship to Facebook and Twitter?

  • China has moved to ban livestreaming on three major websites.

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