Censored: Twitter is allegedly bowing to pressure and censoring verified accounts of journalists that Turkey’s current regime purportedly wants silenced.

User Not Found: ‘Fat-phobic’ Facebook punishes the victim: Fashion designer and model Tess Holliday has her account suspended after she was the victim of body shaming trolls.

Speech!: Facebook suspends two pages of libertarian groups; the company later claimed the pages were taken down “in error.”

404: Twitter takes down more than 250K profiles in 6 months...but who is watching the watchers?


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  • China’s online censorship tactics and crackdowns on free speech continue to grow, allowing the government to maintain a political system that thrives on self-censorship.
  • Many are decrying a US Department of Homeland Security proposal that would ask US-bound tourists to reveal information about their online identities.
  • Thailand’s new constitution was approved earlier this month, but the military’s restrictions on media and free expression seem to be here to stay.
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