• PRIDE: Advertisers are pulling out of YouTube due to accusations of its failure to censor extremist content, while simultaneously facing criticism for censoring LGBT+ content through its “restricted mode”.

  • CENSORED: Multinational companies are being asked by the Vietnamese government to withhold their advertising from Google, YouTube and Facebook in order to pressure social media companies into censoring content that is critical of the Vietnamese state. ​

  • SPEECH!: Twitter’s latest transparency report details, for the first time, data on requests to remove content posted by journalists and requests resulting in the takedown of accounts promoting terrorism.

  • USER NOT FOUND: Twitter’s latest transparency report reveals that it denied the Pakistan government’s four account removal requests from July-December 2016.

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  • US advertisers such as Walmart, Pepsi and telecom companies AT&T and Verizon have pulled millions of dollars in advertising from YouTube due to concerns that their advertisements are appearing on extremist content on the site.
  • German Justice Minister Heiko Maas’ proposal to fine social media sites for hateful content has been met with criticism, but the author argues that Facebook increasingly operates like a media business, and must then be subject to similar standards for its content.


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